Everyone is pissing me off today. As I’ve been posting Li has been sick the past few days and has not stopped nursing for more than 30 mins or so an so when she went to come nurse again I nicely told her no and she started crying and everyone was making me feel like a totally dirtbag. I held her and then started playing a peek a boo with her and she was fine and when she came back 15 mins later I let her nurse and all was fine I just needed a little bit of time without a kid attached to me that’s all. But everything I do today just seems to be wrong and everyone is being so rude and I just want to run away. I come here to help my gram since no one else will and everyone acts like a jerk to me. So sick of all of them.



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when u ask ur mom for fast food and she says yes and asks what u want image

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HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW PERFECT PHOTO OF BUN!!!!!!!!!!!
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